Resentment VS Self Care

Resentment VS Self Care

Its no joke how busy us mommas all are these days. When I looked at my calendar this week one of my thoughts was where is the free time for ME.  Let me share that the past few weeks our family has had some challenges that brought our usual busy schedule into over drive and a lot of it fell on my shoulders due to those circumstances. AND during that course of things, I let my self care time slide in all the extra busyness. The workouts didn’t happen, eating right was hit or miss, sleep was deprived, and I just kept letting it happen. Even last week when things were getting better I still chose on purpose to focus on everything but me. WHY?

Because in my head there was still a TON to do and caring for myself was not one of those priorities. IN FACT – I RESENTED even the small time frames that I would have to set aside for self care.  And mommas when you are finding yourself resenting even the small times it would take to make a nice cup of tea for yourself or take 15 minutes to hide in a corner and deep breathe you know you are moving into a bad place.

RESENTMENT and SELF CARE do not go hand in hand. In Fact, they are counter productive. You are making yourself more stressed and miserable in the long run by not caring for yourself. Your stress hormones get more out of whack creating massive sugar and carb cravings to keep you fueled and “fighting” to save yourself and everyone around you. Your temper becomes shorter along with your patience fuse. Are you yelling more at everyone around you? I sure was! Or does this happen?   AT the end of the day you more exhausted then you ever thought possible but then you get that sudden second wind of energy after the kids go to bed. That’s your body giving you a sign.

Its time to refocus on you. Take the time with out the resentment and give back to only you. When your day is done and the house tidied up. Take some time before bed – NOT TV TIME – to truly focus on you. 20 minutes of yoga stretching, paint your toe nails, read a book, simply talking with a loved one about something other than your kids. Refocus on you. Without resentment for giving away that time. 3 times a week minimum you should focus on you. Maximum take 10 minutes every day to do nothing but simply deep breath.

Some helping videos that I love to recommend are Dr. Andrew Wiels Deep Breathing exercise

And for yoga stretching practice and relaxation you can’t do any better that Colleen Sandman

Share your self care moments below to help inspire others to reconnect to themselves. Enjoy and Happy Self Care

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