Mindset Matters

Have you struggled to feel your strength and purpose? Struggled to hit goals in your life both personal and professional?

Successful Career, Great mom, Great wife, Lose weight, Stay fit, Eat well. Always feeling short of the mark in certain areas. Always letting your head ruling your heart and intuition. Let me say that I’ve been there as well. That crazy train in your head can sabotage you in so many ways they may affect you in ways you can’t even put a finger on you just know that something is missing.

And lets face it, all the information in the world do not add up to getting where you want to go.  If it were that EASY we would all be fit, fabulous and on the cover of Success Magazine.

But the shift CAN happened!   I learned the key that helped to turn it all around. And you can too. The key that can  not only opened the locks but shattered them in the process.


You see you can set goals all you want., check boxes on your to do lists, etc… but unless you have a VISION of what you are trying to create part of you will always be left feeling a little bit less. And with out Mindset and being able to change your thoughts and the patterns you have conditioned yourself too.


My gift to you is the keys (learning tools) that helped to reshape  my mind and in the process my thought and beliefs about myself. With these, finally,  My VISION came into focus. And yours can too. With out them, information is just words. Until you can focus on your own personal development and moving yourself forward in positive ways you won’t find the true success you are looking for.

Here are the 9 tools I always find myself recommending to friends, family and clients for changing your thoughts for success.

  1. Compound Effect – Darren Hardy. This incredible book was the one that started it all for. Darren has made a lifetime study of the skills and mindset that it takes to remove blocks in your life and create lasting change. That by applying small consistent change effectively over time – Massive Results can take place. Worth the read because you can apply this to any area of your life. Interested in learning more from the man himself sign up for http://www.darrendaily.com/ 
  2. May Cause Miracles – Gabrielle Bernstein Much of my life I struggled with crazy notions of what I thought I was perceiving from those around me. Gabrielle’s exercises can be applied through journalling over a period of 30 days and really help to shift your mindset and release thoughts that hold you back from truly connecting with people and forming lasting relationships.
  3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey  The Covey institute is well known for their planners and organizing systems but what started it all was this incredible book written in 1989 and continues to inspire people daily to be more effective at what they are trying to achieve. Your habits can be one of your keys.
  4. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill First published in 1937 this book blew the lid off of success mindset. Why do some people succeed where others fail? These mindset skills will aid you in all areas of life from personal to business
  5. Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins (Audio) I specify audio here because if you have ever had the chance to be present at a Tony Robbins live event you know there is no comparison to reading it in a book. Audio can be your next best source. Change your motion and change your emotions. This man can help you create permanent lasting changes to your thoughts especially if you have trouble leaving the “home” you have created in your head that holds you back
  6. The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle La Porte  This one is mostly for entrepreneurs but the exercises in here are a fascinating study toward owning your truth and vision boarding for your future. A must read to become a strong minded person.
  7. Money A Love Story – Kate Northrup You might find it strange that I have included a money book in recommendations to change mindset  but whether you acknowledge it or not a huge percentage of us have notions of money and especially the emotions we tie to money that hold us back in the oddest ways. This book does not cover stock tips, and bonds but provides you with the tools to explore those emotions, rewrite your story and own your truth while creating a loving relationship with you dollars. The future you can craft afterward is empowering!
  8. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo Yes, here again,  a strange outside the box recommendation. How would tidying up effectively bring magic and better mindset to you. Find out and learn the Kondari method. When I RE -organized and choose all my belongings based on the feelings they gave me, instead of just organizing to organinize -Magic shifted inside of me. Not only can I find things now so easily but energy flows better, confidence soared and I feel amazing. Even my children have gotten into the Kondari method.
  9. Marie TV – Marie Forleo  A fun weekly blog video done by the empowering powerhouse that is Marie Forleo. She brings humor, light and love into helping you create a business and life you love. Whether you are building a business or not her life tips and insight are powerful to reforming better mindset.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us

-Marianne Williamson

Enjoy this article. Connect with me for a  20 min strategy session to fine tune your vision and create more productivity. Mention this article and receive an additional 10% off any of my programs.

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