Making Your Holiday Season Sparkle: Part 4

 Eat Mindfully Before you start at the buffet or dinner table. Take a moment. Realize that you have planned ahead and your body is not in starvation mode. Survey the spread. Evaluate what the choices are. After all, it is the holidays and some dishes you wait all year to savor. Select with mindfulness and […]

Making Your Holiday Season Sparkle: Part 3

Don’t hit the party HUNGRY Try to have a small snack at least 30 minutes to 1 hr before the party. A healthy protein and veggie or piece of fruit is a great combination. Now you have time to comfortably meet, greet and socialize instead of feeling like you need to attack the buffet because […]

Making Your Holiday Season Sparkle: Part 2

This week we continue with Part 2 of our Holiday series. Today we explore one of the common things that people do during the holidays. In fact, I see this every year in my own family. And then I see the results that happen later on. Tip #2 DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Many skip breakfasts […]

Making Your Holiday Season Sparkle: Part 1

As I looked ahead on my editorial calendar. I realized there are only 11 short weeks till Christmas Day. And I also realized that my calendar was filling up crazy fast with all those important to dos, parties and happy seasonal fun things you want to do. In fact, if I counted up all those […]