Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you ALL   I hope the year has been full of blessings and magical memories. As you know our to do lists can be overwhelming and sap our energies during this busy time of year. Its important to not skip meals which causes all sort of crazy happenings in our bodies. Today […]

Have a Picky Eater? Try This Asian Inspired Skirt Steak

Asian Inspired Skirt Steak As a parent, when you find a recipe that works for your kids, you feel like screaming off the top of your roof in happiness. At least, that’s the case for those of us with a “picky eater” You know that kid who will take anything and pick it apart either […]

Making Your Holiday Season Sparkle: Part 7

Exercise While there is a tendency to sacrifice your exercise regimen in an effort to get all those items done on your to do list. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT GO THERE! Try to Maintain at least 3 times a week of some type of exercise activity to keep your metabolism boosted. This will […]

Making Your Holiday Season Sparkle: Part 6

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate Water is essential to proper body function, staving off headaches and keeping hunger at bay. Your body uses some of the same signals to tell you it is hungry as it does for being thirsty. Plus, during those parties you will likely be indulging in alcohol more than usual. A glass of […]