Mindset Matters

Have you struggled to feel your strength and purpose? Struggled to hit goals in your life both personal and professional? Successful Career, Great mom, Great wife, Lose weight, Stay fit, Eat well. Always feeling short of the mark in certain areas. Always letting your head ruling your heart and intuition. Let me say that I’ve […]

Decluttering and Simplifying Your Space for Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. i’ll be honest with you its mostly because my gardens are waking up after a long cold winter and everything is colorful and green again. BUT. It’s a favorite because its time to DECLUTTER and SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. WHY you ask? Simply said it needs […]

Activating your Why Power

Activating Your Why Power Consider this weeks article phase 2. Its IMPLEMENTATION TIME for many of us trying to jump back on the healthy train. Have you done this in the past? Gone gung ho at the stroke of midnight January 2nd only to roll off and crash by Superbowl weekend.  Maybe you even got […]